This data base is open to every Helle - that is to say, for everyone with the family name of Helle - wherever he or she comes from.
So far I know of
Helle from Rüthen (former in der Helle, in der Hellen...)
Helle from Horn (former von Hellen, v. Helen, von Hehlen)
Helle from Norway

Apart from that there is a number of families, whose connection to our family is not clear to me at the moment.
Helle aus Paulding, Iowa/USA
Helle aus Tübingen

For every person the following data are to be specified:
Gender, title, Christian name, maiden name, adopted surname , nickname, christian name by which one is called, artist's name, day and place of birth, (or day of christening), day and place of death (or of burial), place of residence (not the exact address), profession, parents, day and place of marriage (and divorce), in addition a photo and, if possible, an e-mail address.
As for deceased persons, these data will be published in the internet - of course, without an internet address.
If any living person object to this, they will be published under the name xx yy - and in case of their death - which even in the Helle Family does occur now and then - the data will be released afterwards.


The data are at the moment available via a local MS-Access Data Base (2 tables, persons and marriages). Online they are to be found in a MySQL-data base, which you have access to via php scripts.

Data Protection

I do not see this collection of data as my property. To a considerable extent data have been collected by other people - I only brought all these data together. I will pass this data base on to everybody, who is - noncommercially - interested in the genealogy of the Helle Family. I will demand written declaration that these data are not used for commercial purposes and pass them on only, if this declaration is signed.
You cannot get access to the online-data base as a whole through automatic scanning. You have to use at least one parameter for these queries - and this must not be a joker.

Translated by Erich Becker